Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resolution 2009 Update

I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats wondering how my New Year's Resolutions are going.

Here goes:

1. Be in the Word every day: It's really hit and miss. I'll do great for a week or two and then have a week or two where it's not a priority. I'm still working on it. I am getting up early to have a devotion more often, though. I'm also doing well reading other books. Currently I'm reading Wild Goose Chase (thanks to Heather and my Dad) and I'm LOVING it. I'm still working through the Prophets, and loving it. I think the biggest problems is that when I get up early, so do the boys. We'll have to continue to decide how to fix that.

2. Printing Pictures: Doing alright, actually. All of my pics are organized on my computer, and as a good deal comes up, I print. I'm pretty happy with that, I just wish there were deals more often.

3. Debt = Done. Enough said!

4. Spanish: That's been a ton easier since our trip to Nicaragua. With Mark understanding some of the basics, it's easier to try and communicate! Tate also picked up several words while we were there, and is doing well at integrating them into conversation.

5. Exercising: Also going well. I have 6 pounds to be where I was when I got pregnant with Theo, and then another 10-15 after that. But I'm steadily losing. I ran on the treadmill for the first time in a LONG time yesterday and it felt great.

6. Supporting Mark: I think this one can be a day by day, or even a minute by minute thing. We're living 5 hours apart, and he's working really long hours to get established in his new job. In order to support and encourage him, I've done my best to make sure there are meals ready for him to take to work, and I think it helps that I'm not down there. It's a lot easier for him to justify working 10-12 hours a day when he's not worried about us making friends, etc. We're still looking for a house and once we have one that will also ease our troubles. We're also still hoping to get someone in our house, as the renters are being evicted this week. Please pray for that. I am still struggling a little bit with not being frustrated by the hours he's putting in...I know it's necessary and he needs to establish himself as a good worker, etc, but it's hard when we are missing him so much.

So, still have a long way to go, but I am excited to say that I believe this coming up New Year, I will NOT have to make a resolution to lose weight, or get out of debt, and hopefully my devotionals will be more of habit.

Flossing and bed making went really well until we moved into my parent's house in April. I have hope that I can start up those habits again.

Tate goes back into the doctor for a recheck today. Hopefully we'll get the good news that he's almost over his pneumonia. It's been really rough the last few days because he's just tired all the time but is bored of sitting around! The TV has been on almost constantly (which NEVER happens in our house) so that's been a bummer. But, when he's sick I don't feel so bad.
That's about it. I'll keep you posted on renters/us renting or buying/ Tate/etc.
Take care,


cadovius said...

I'm so proud of you!!!! Way to go on the debt thing; super proud of you for the weight thing and I'm impressed that after everything you've been through with the Navy, you're being so supportive of Mark during this rough time for you both! I'm sure my patience would have run thin by now...I mean, I'm ALL FOR supporting Adam no matter what, but when he's out of the Navy, I'm praying our time apart will be behind us.