Thursday, June 25, 2009

Totally Overwhelmed

There are a ton of houses on the market here.

Actually, I am sure there are a ton everywhere.

I thought it would make it easier to find something. It does. But there are too many choices at this point. WAY too many.

So I am overwhelmed.

The plan (as of today) is to put an offer on a short sale that's a great deal. This house will be a total long shot because there are already 8 offers on it, but if we're supposed to have it God will work in incredible ways to make it ours.

If we don't get it (which we are expecting) then we'll continue to look until God does open the doors.

And, hopefully I won't go completely crazy while we wait.


The Nystroms said...

I suggest making a spreadsheet with the good and bad of each house, distance to Mark's work, etc. It's how I narrowed the bagillion houses down to a manageable list, and then prioritized which I would go see first. But seeing them really is the only way to really 'know' whether it's the house for you. I saw 25 in three days and it was very apparent that there were only two I would really want to live in. Good luck!

Christine said...

Wow, I love the spreadsheet idea- That totally fits my selective OCD style! I hope that you find something that you absolutely love....just don't get frustrated by the quantity and just pick something that you don't love to get the process over with (not that I would know anything about that....hehe!). I'll be praying that you will easilly find the right house for your family (and maybe one that has a spare room for me to come visit=). xoxo!