Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making a KILLING!!

First up: Wal Mart.
Normally I'm not a huge Wal Mart fan (it totally overwhelms me), but they have killer deals going on for school supplies.
For example, those 38 boxes of 24 count crayola crayons are .30 each.
Those 70 page notebooks are a quarter each...yes, a measley quarter.
Everything I bought today was less than a dollar.
My grand total was about $35.

For said $35 I got:
-38 packs of 24 count crayones (crayola!)
-7 packs of 11 markers
-5 packs of 12 colored pencils
-4 packs of 10 colored pens
-7 packs of 10 pencils
-12 notebooks
-24 or so pencil pouches
-14 glue sticks.
Now, I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, "Well, Jenni, it is a great deal, but if you don't need it, it's not really a great deal."
You're right.
But, my kiddos in Nicaragua need this stuff, and what an awesome opportunity to give!
They all share everything, and I'm so excited to be able to give them stuff that belongs to THEM. I know they will share anyway, because that's just the culture, but at least they have an opportunity to have something that is their own.
Next up, Rite Aid.
Here's what I got:
-One bottle of CitreShine shampoo
-Oral B Toothbrush (I needed it, the dog chewed mine).
-7 L'Oreal nail polishes (think Nicaragua).
-2 packs of M&M's (potty training)
-1 box of Sambucol (digestive health stuff, again, think Nicaragua)
Here's the price break down:
7 x $4.99 (nail polish)
1 x 4.99 (toothbrush)
1 x 4.99 (Shampo0)
1 x 12.99 (Sambucol)
2 x 1.49 (M&M's)
total $60.88

Here's where it gets fun!
The nail polish was on sale for $1.24 each.
The shampoo was on sale for $3.99
The toothbrush was on sale for $2.99
The Sambucol was on sale for $7.99
The M&M's were BOGO.
Recipt total : $25.14.
I had a $5.00 of a $25.00 purchase, so my total was $20.14.
Now, here it gets really fun!!!
I'm getting a SCR (single check rebate) for:
$1.50 (toothpaste)
$3.00 (Shampoo)
$7.00 (Sambucol)
$8.00 (nail polish, 2 each for the first 4)
$19.50 total in rebates, so...
I paid a total of .64 cents for all of that stuff.
And, the best part is that we can use it all, I didn't just buy it to buy it (although I will do that occasionally to qualify for a rebate and then give it away.
So, that was my day. I'm pretty stoked about my good deals!
Ok, I'm off to get dinner going.

Love you all!
FYI, you can do all this, too! I visit MoneySavingMom for her deal ideas, and then I consult the RiteAid circular to go from there.
Tomorrow I'm going to tell you about my awesome EBATES deal I got this weekend!
ps Yes, those are my toes in the first pic, sorry!!


Christine said...

Jenni, you are so incredibly amazing at this stuff! I'm just not organized enough (or smart probably=) to get all of that stuff figured out. One day I will hopefully and I will have you to thank as my inspiration. P.S. Thanks for the swagbucks referral, I just got $50 for, and now have 2 heavilly discounted date nights in the works for when Tom gets home, yay!!