Monday, September 21, 2009

An apology

To my dear readers...all five of you.

I am sorry for being MIA for the last week. It was a crazy one.

I'm not sure I'll have a bunch of posts this week, either. I was going to write my traveling with little tykes post, but I'm pretty sure that I lost all qualifications to write a series about travel after our trip to BC. Oh, it was in-we completely forgot our stroller-bad...and-our bank account was frozen due to suspected fraudulent activity-bad...and-my back went out in the middle of Vancouver when I still had to walk a half mile back to the hotel carrying a screaming 35 lb. three year old who had a golf ball sized goose egg on his head-kind of bad.

But, we still had fun. We got to see some friends who live in the Bellingham area. They are gearing up for the arrival of their daughter, and it was so much fun to get to see them. Tate is very excited about baby Abby coming, and has asked me several times when we get to see her again.

We also got to celebrate the wedding of some other friends! I was honored to be a brideslave...I mean bridesmatron on Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding, and the weather cooperated at just the right time!

And now we are back at home, safe and sound. I'm battling a cold (I think) but for the most part, we're doing well. But I think we'd be even better if Theo would give up and fall asleep.

Such is life.

Ok, enough rambling. Go make today a great one!



Kara said...

My most hearty sympathies for the trip from heck! We've all had them, at least once. So - congratulations are in order! You've survived!

Hugs for your back, kisses for Tate's noggin, and fresh chicken soup for the cold.


Nate, Heather, Spence, and Trey said...

oh no! i'm glad you were still able to have fun. i'm fighting a cold too and i totally sympathize! feel better my friend!