Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I did not dress Tate today

I am going to take over where a very dear friend's mom left off, and make myself a button. The button will say
(When I was young, the button said "Miriam", but I digress)
But why? You ask.
Please, allow me to demonstrate:

Exhibit A
Why yes, that is a purple Vikings shirt with army pants and no shoes. And messy hair (he got it cut today). I think the look of shock is because I had just showed him the picture I took prior, and he saw how silly his clothes combination looked.

Exhibit B:
I have no explanation for this. He did not go to bed with those on, but did manage to fall asleep with them on. He learned this trick from his hermanos, and apparently he found Mark's sock drawer.

Exhibit C:
Lest you think he wears the same pairs of chonies multiple days, be assured that this is one area that I take charge. He has three sets of the same chonies, so he does not wear a pair more than once before it gets washed. Geez...I do have standards.

Exhibit D:
Notice a) The crazy hair
b) The dirty shirt
c) The nice shoes.
And, he only wants to wear his nice shoes. Every day. Or his "Rining McQueen" sandals with socks. Yes, he's from Washington.
Anyway, I encourage him to dress himself so that he'll actually get dressed. Otherwise, he'd prefer to stay in PJ's all day. Plus, I think it's good that he learns to express himself (he's learned, maybe I should stop?). There are a few days I reclaim my right to dress him...those being picture days, church days, and any day I deem important. For those "important" days I usually give him three choices and he chooses one of the three.
The other days are a free for all.
Well, now you know why my son looks like a ragamuffin.
And knowing is half the battle.


NanaStearns said...

Papa Stearns says that his grandson is sartorially splendifurous (sorry for any mis-spellings...I need a spell checker)

NanaStearns says "Priceless, memorable and nostalgic!"

Love you all,
-- Nana Stearns

Nate, Heather, Spence, and Trey said...

raggamuffin NOTHIN'! that those clothes look familiar and i'm LOVIN' some vikes on him - it's totally his color! ;)

Kara said...

What on Earth could his Auntie say to disparage his choice of wardrobe - considering said Auntie multiple tattoos, piercings and is currently sporting purple hair!

You go, Tate! Express away!

Shara and Jere said...

I think I want a button like that on days Jere decides to assert his independence...or wants to wear his best friend Lexi's (girl) clothes.

But I love the long socks look!

Miriam Goodman said...

Well having been the child that the button came from I can assure you that allowing your son to dress himself will make him a confident productive all be it strange memeber of society. You make me laugh! I really enjoy your blog.