Thursday, October 8, 2009

A bunch of Tate Quotes

So, I'm a little behind on Tate quotes, so here goes...
Oh, and sorry if you're on FB and already read this, they are repeats from there.

(Laying in bed, getting ready for a nap)

Tate: Mom, where does Jesus live?
Me: Well, Tate, Jesus lives in Heaven at the right hand of God. But a little part of him, called the Holy Spirit also lives in me.
Tate: Oh, OK. Mom, I need to give you two hugs. One for you and one for Jesus.

(After a nap. Different than the one above)
Me: Tate, did you have a good nap?
Tate: Yep! I talked to Jesus.
Me: Oh, that's great! What did you say to him?
Tate: I just left him a message.

Tate: Mom, I have a message from the Lord.
Me: Ok, Tate, what is it?
Tate: God made the clouds.