Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting back on the horse

Tonight is a big night for us-sort of. We've been here before, but this time it's different. We're different.

Tonight we are going to an adoption orientation meeting.

It's a really big step for us. After the loss we experienced last time, I wasn't sure when I would be ready to pursue it again. But here we are. I [think] we're ready. More important than that, I think we're being called to pursue this again.

This time it's going to look a little bit different. We're going through the foster care system. The entire process looks different. But the idea is the same, and we could be setting ourselves up for a lot more hurt. With foster care, there is guaranteed to be some level of hurt, and we are knowingly putting ourselves there.

I can honestly say that I don't think we'd be up for this if we hadn't experienced the loss last time. I think God had a plan, the birth mom chose to do things her own way, and God allowed that to happen to show his glory in a dark situation.

So, to him be the glory.

Wherever it is that he leads, we will follow.


Kara said...

Your courage is an inspiration.