Monday, October 5, 2009

A Theo-centric post

My son, Theo. I actually made myself giggle with the title of that post because it brought me back to my year of Bible little Theo. I just love him to bits. He's SO feisty these days!

These are Theo's adorable little legs. I love them. I love the little rolls. I could just eat them up. All too soon they will be gone, but for now I will enjoy them!
He's got some beautiful blues, and some lips like his daddy. Love them. His hair also looks a bit red in some light.

He loves playing with his dad and brother. They are so fun to watch!

He is rocking back and forth a lot! He's already mobile, though, because he can army crawl better than anyone I've seen! He started before 6 months! Unbelievable! He also loves to make pterodactyl sounds when he moves. I choose to believe it's his form of a siren-warning everyone he's coming.

Oh dear boy, I love you!