Sunday, November 29, 2009


Please celebrate with us in welcoming three new members to the Stearns Family!

Maria Teresa, 11

Maricela, 9

Ana Cristina, 7

Although it's not legal and they are still in Nicaragua (and it won't be official/legal for about 2 years), we asked the girls if they would like to become part of our family...

 and they said yes!

We know the road will be long and bumpy at times, but we are choosing to celebrate the milestones.  This is the most important step of this journey.  If the girls didn't want to be a part of our family, this story would end now. 

But they do want to be Stearns girls.

So, it's with hearts full of joy that we share with you our beautiful daughters.

With love,
The Stearns Clan


LisaB said...

That's AMAZING!! Congrats!!

Cadovius said...

OH MY GOODNESS that is fantastic!!!!!! We'll be praying the whole way

The Erickson Family said...

OH wow!!! I'm so excited for you!!! God is good!!!

Kara said...

Family is not just flesh and blood. Family is in the heart. Family is love.

I welcome my new nieces as gleefully and with full as much anticipation as I have with all my nephews and niece. I can't wait to meet them! They're beautiful!

Brittney said...

Oh congratulations! How exciting :) You guys are so amazing! said...

It's about time that the girls outnumbered the boys in a Stearns family ;)

I am so looking forward to meeting and welcoming our granddaughters to the family!

"Children are an inheritance from the LORD. They are a reward from him." Psalm 127:3 (God's Word)

Anonymous said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait to meet them in person!!!
Love, Missy & Todd

Nate, Heather, Spence, and Trey said...

brought me to tears! praise the lord! praise the lord!