Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Home" again

We're home. 

Sort of.  We've only lived in this place a week, so it doesn't really feel like home.  It will soon, I'm sure.

Nicaragua felt like home.

The boys are decompressing.  They are having a hard time adjusting to not having attention ALL the time.

I need to sit, write and decompress.  But I hate that part. I'm really horrible at reflection.  I tried to journal in Nicaragua (I try every time) but I'd rather squeeze out every possible minute with my Nicas than go to bed early and write.  So usually I'd fall asleep with my pen in hand.

I do have some pictures, but not as many as I'd like.  One of the kids accidentally erased all of my pictures on Thursday.  Bummer.

I need to clean, unpack, do laundry and pack again. 

Ok, enough of a mind dump for now.  Thanks for all the love and prayers!

1 comments: said...

I'm eagerly waiting to hear all the news. I am thankful that you got home safely and with so many good memories.

See you soon, and give everyone a hug from Nana.