Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Rest of the Story

Do you remember me telling you about our property manager that ended up with a few months rent?  The whole "we're not buying a house anymore" fiasco?  Well, after over a month, we now have the whole story.  We had to call three branches of the Portsmouth City Court system, and two different numbers of the police to finally get our answers.  But answers we have.

There is little to no hope that we will get our money back.

Our property manager was embezzeing money from her clients.  She embezzled over $400,000 from one client.  That's who the police are working with right now, and they are turning the case over to the feds when they are done with it.  Then they will work on a State case for the rest of us who had smaller accounts.

All of her liquid assets are gone.  The IRS seized them because there is apparently tax evasion/fraud that went on, too.

Bottom line: we have to file a civil suit.  I'm very uncomfortable with this (I really am a generally peaceful and compassionate person!) but we are going to do it.  We have to 'get in line' so to speak, so that if/when she ever does find/earn/steal more money, we'll get some of it. 

Nice, huh?


Kara said...

Feds, huh? I'd rather face the Feds than Mom. My sympathies and prayers.