Friday, December 4, 2009

Fat Burnin' Friday

OK, time to get back on it and be honest.

After not working out for three weeks, and having Thanksgiving, I was pretty nervous to step on the scale.  I was up about 2 pounds at the beginning of the week, but now I am back down to exactly where I was before. 

I've done so-so eating healthy this week.  Mark's been on mids working noon to nine each day, so I don't have a traditional dinner which has resulted in me snacking a bit too much.  Gotta work on that.

For working out, since it had been three weeks (ick) I decided to get back into it slowly.  For me, if I do too much at once I usually don't continue after the first week.  I'm working out three times this week, four next week and then back to my regular 5 times at the gym and once a week a fun but active activity with the family.  I've got two work outs done and I'll get to the gym tonight when childcare opens up again. 

On that note, since we moved I go to a different Ballys.  I don't like it nearly as much.  The childcare lady, Cassandra, at the old gym was FANTASTIC!! The boys loved her and her entire job was childcare.  This gym just has a trainer do it.  The boys were fine, but I didn't feel that the area was as well taken care of.  I don't know for sure that the toys were washed, etc.  Hopefully it gets better otherwise I may just trek the extra 6 miles to the old gym.
Pounds to goal 1: 3.2

Pounds to goal 2: 8.4

Oh, and hats off to my girl Miriam!  She ran her second half marathon last weekend and bettered her time!  So proud of you, my Cheeseburger!


Miriam Porter said...

Thanks Jen, I have been feeling gross since I sprained my hip flexer and can't work out. I have one more week and I can get back to it, I am glad I miss it and want to work out again.