Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If You're the Praying Kind

Hey All,

Without getting into detail (only because I'm not sure what's allowed to be said at this point) Mark's work is looking for an organization to partner with for charity stuff.  We're really, really praying that we can connect his company to Casa Bernabe in Nicaragua.  From the info we've seen it looks like it'd be a perfect match!  Plus, this would enable us to get down there to visit without using all of Mark's vacation and could pave the way to him/us working full time down there in the future. 

Could you please pray for all the details to work out smoothly if this is the good Lord's will?

Mark works for a fuel cell company and the potential benefit for the orphanage is incredible-they spend over $1000 a month on electricity alone and they are not careless about it at all.  Power is simply very expensive down there.  The partnership could create jobs, teach skills to the kids, enable the orphanage to become more environmentally friendly, gosh, the opportunities are overwhelming!

So, if you could join with us in prayer that the door would open for this, it would be a great Christmas present for us :)  It would take a miracle, but we serve a mighty BIG God, so I'm believing for Miracles.

My God can never fail
He's been proved time and again
Trust Him and see
He's got ALL the power you need!


Kara said...

My prayers are always with you. I'll add this to the Please list to go along with the Thank You list for having such wonderful people as Family!

We love you!