Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something about fishing

I'm not great with quotes, in fact, Mark always makes fun of me for screwing them up.  But I do believe there is a saying about teaching a man to fish and you feed him as long as the salmon are running vs. just giving him a fish...anyway...

Mark has a hard time connecting with the boys in the Posada.  I think it's because of the language barrier.  This time,though, they managed to connect through work!  It was so exciting for me to watch him teach the boys the basics of installing a fan.  They were eager and very quick learners!  I hope this is the beginning of an awesome mentoring relationship.  These boys want to learn these skills, they just need men to come along side them and teach them how to do it!

Jackson and Mark working on the fan.

Yes, Jackson looks goofy.  But he was very proud of himself, with good reason!

Luis and Juan working to figure out something. 
Clearly I'm not mechanical and can't explain what they are doing.

Luis after he prepped all the fan wings (or whatever you call them).

Juan putting the tools back just the way he found them.

The boys figuring out how the fans work by taking apart the old one.

 I was so proud of Mark for teaching the boys how to do this instead of just doing it himself.  It would have gone a lot quicker if he had just done it, but the pride in their eyes after the project was done, it was priceless.

To Mark and my boys, I'm so proud of you all!


Kara said...

Mark's having a rough time with Spanish? Yeeesh... one would think all that time in Japanese class would have paid off.

Absolutely lovely bridging the language barrier with good honest work! I'm proud of you, Little Brother.

Now, back to work on your linguistic skills.