Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Craft Goal-projects 3 & 4

Project #3:

I never know what to do with last year's calendar.  It seems like a waste to throw good quality paper with pretty pictures on it away.  So, I found some brads for scrapbooking that I had laying around and made bows with last year's calendar!  I think they are pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  And, they were essentially free to make!  I ended up with 32 bows.

Started: 1/15
Ended: 1/18

Project #4
Another Plastic Bag Bag.

I used a new method to make the "yarn" and it's double stranded.  It's much thicker, easier to make and can handle more weight.  I also crocheted the handles "horizontally" instead of "vertically" so they won't stretch as much.  I used the last of my white shopping bags on this!

Started: 1/14
Finished: 1/24

Projects Completed: 4
Projects to go: 26


What we are all about said...


Id love to know how you made those bows! What a great idea!

Christine said...

Jenni, as always you impress me with your amazing creativity!! The bows look fantastic, and I'm really digging the plastic bag bags...where on earth did you find out how to make those? I have 500 trillion bags that I keep saving and would love to get some use out of them=) xoxo