Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Resolutions/Hopes

We'll start off with the gimmes...

1.  Honor and submit to Mark with a good attitude.
2.  Faithfully have a quiet time every morning.
3.  Lose the last 8 lbs.
4.  Fully fund our emergency savings account.
5.  Run a long distance race. 
6.  Compost and have a garden.

The last one is a pretty personal thing, but something I've been feeling more and more called to try and implement in my life. I realize you all  nearly everyone will think I'm nuts, but all I can do is follow what the Holy Spirit is calling me to do. Please know that I don't have any judgement for people that don't do this, and I never will.  It's not my job to be your Holy Spirit, any more than it is for you to be mine.  The Holy Spirit puts different things on our hearts, and it's my job to try and embrace what he's given me to do, not judge you according to what you've been called (or not called) to do.

So, this year I am going to make an effort to avoid buying all things made in sweat shops.  Essentially, free trade or American made products are what I will be buying (with the exception of thrift store purchases.  I feel OK about those.  Misguided?  Maybe.  But I'm letting the Holy Spirit be my guide on this and I've been given the go ahead so far).

Why?  Because I feel like there are a lot of companies that take advantage of poor people.  I don't want to encourage them to continue in this.  If I don't buy their products then I am not giving them my money to continue the cycle.  This really hit home when I bought a shirt, got home and went to wash it.  I read the label and said Hecho en Nicaragua.  Made in Nicaragua.  I realize that the people making those shirts may be making a 'living wage' by Nicaraguan standards, and they are probably grateful for work.  But I think that more can be done.  A more realistic wage can and should be earned one that really provides for families, not just working to eat as so many families have to do. 

I will fail at this.  I know I will.  Free trade items are more expensive.  I will have to look harder to find things that meet my needs.  But I am going to try. 

One of the reasons I've hesitated to share this is because I don't want anyone thinking any differently about me.  So, please don't think I've turned into a snob, holier than thou, etc.  I'm the same me-a little odd, very passionate, a little clumsy and disorganized, but well intentioned.   

And there you have it.  Some 2010 goals.  Since it's already almost noon on the 1st, I should get a move on!

Prospero Año Nuevo!