Friday, January 8, 2010


+Tate told me I was his best friend yesterday.  Is there anything sweeter than that?

+Theo has been crawling around the house looking for Mark since about 4 this afternoon.  It melts my heart to see this.  Mark missed out on Tate from 7 months to about 15 months, so this is new territory for him.  I love the bond that's forming between him and Theo.

+/-We're attending a bilingual small group tomorrow night.  Kind of nervous about that because I don't know if I truly consider myself bilingual.  Also, it's always awkward to go to a new small group.

-/+I fell up the stairs today while carrying Theo.  Not my brightest or best moment ever.  In my defense I was trying to get over the baby gate that was a step above where I was.  We're both fine, it was scary though.

-We were hoping to head to Nicaragua for a quick trip to go to Danilo's wedding.  The ticket prices are over $1000 per ticket, so we can't go.  It would be an understatement to say I'm disappointed.

+/-Gus the Bus is getting fixed up and pretty.  The inside for now and soon the outside.  We had him at the shop before Christmas and he was supposed to be out before New Years Day.  He's still there.  It will be Monday before we get him back.  I'm starting to feel the littlest bit housebound.

-Tate had a bad dream last night about an animal screaming in his bed.  He was (understandably) upset.

+Because of said bad dream, he spent the rest of the night snuggling in our bed.  When Mark asked him to snuggle Tate said, "Dad, I can't snuggle you!  I'm snuggling with Mommy and she's protecting me!"

-Tate's not a great a notoriously bad bed partner.  He kicks, flails arms, lays on top of you and is generally difficult to sleep with.  Because of this, I didn't sleep from 3-5 am.  This made for a long day.

-/+ I'm up a few pounds from Christmas.  I expected this.  I've lost about a pound of that this week.  I hope to lose the rest next week.

-/+ Mark is playing Navy this weekend.  We like the extra paycheck but do not like having to give up a weekend of resting.

+Theo says, "Hiii!" now in a very sweet and high pitched voice.  It's the cutest thing.
All in all, it's been a great week, but I am looking forward to sleeping tonight.  Oh, dear and precious sleep.