Thursday, January 21, 2010


Mark and I haven't had a printer hooked up in a year and a half or so.  We wanted one, but we thought it would be best to wait until we were "settled" in a house.  So we waited and waited, until 3 weeks ago.   We bit the bullet and bought an all in one (printer, copier, and scanner) that's wireless. 

I love it. 

LOVE it.

Being the frugalista in training that I am, I have decided to track how much I'm saving because of the new printer.  To do this I keep track of the coupons I print and redeem and keep track of the time that it takes me to do something that normally Mark would need to do at work (I know approximately how much he gets paid per minute, so I multiply that by the number of minutes it takes me to complete a task). 

I'm pretty picky when I decide what coupons to use-I only print ones that I know I will use in the next couple of days.  No sense in wasting ink and paper if we're not going to use a coupon!

Originally we spent $99 on the printer (We bought extra ink, but I'll start that count when we change the cartidge).  With my coupons, rebates and one "task" I completed (it took 5 minutes) I've already got the cost of the printer down to $64!  In three weeks!  How awesome is that?!  I feel pretty good about the purchase, and I'll let you know when I have it completely "paid off" in money saved. 

Happy [almost] Friday!

Peace and Love,