Monday, January 11, 2010

Our First Small Group Experience

This past Saturday was our first small group experience here in Oregon.  I was a little nervous about it...I'm always nervous to join a new small group.  You never know if people are going to like you or not, it's strange to show up at someone's house and be 'interviewed'.  At least that's what it feels like sometimes.  Then there's always the child are my kids going to act?  Are they going to be in a good mood?  Are they going to make a mess?  Add to all of this that the small group is a Spanish/bilingual small group, I was a little ok, a lot nervous.

We got there a few minutes early and waited for our friends to show up.  Luckily we only had to wait for about three minutes.  We got inside, Tate and Theo started playing and I started to relax.  The conversation was good, the people were nice and the kids were doing ok.  Tate was having a hard time sharing, but since he didn't have a nap that day I was expecting this behavior.

After about 30 minutes, Tate ran up to me and said, "Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom."   I quickly ushered him into the bathroom and helped him hop up on the potty.  I thought it would be a quick bathroom trip, so I stayed standing up.  Suddenly there was a sound like an explosion and Tate smiled up at me.  "Mom, I tooted.  And I have to go poop.  Will you sit and wait with me?"  Realizing it would probably take a while I sat down with my back to the door.  Tate kept me entertained by singing songs and informing me every time he tooted.  We sat there for about 15 minutes and I started to wonder if Tate was ever going to be done.  I asked Tate, "Buddy, does your tummy hurt?"  "Not anymore, Mom!" he said enthusiastically.

He finally hopped off the toilet and reached to flush.  After I cleaned him up I noticed that the toilet was filling up.  Fast. 

"CRAP!" I said to myself (maybe outloud, too).

Suddenly, disgusting water spills over from the toilet and onto the floor. 

And it keeps coming.  Fast!  Really FAST!

Tate's pants are soaked, I rush him out of the bathroom in only his shirt, underwear and socks (typical Tate attire...think Tom Cruise in Risky Business). 

I explain to Mark that we need a plunger.  "For a 3 year old?  A 3 year old clogged the toilet?  Seriously?" 

"Yes.  Yes he did."

Mark found the plunger and Tate, feeling much better (and about 5 pounds lighter) he began to play wonderfully with the other children.  At one point he was riding around on a tricycle with a straw hat his shirt and underwear.  It was quite a sight!

So, our first small group experience was a "splash", but I think it ended well.  We were invited back so I guess all is well. 

Perhaps next time we'll try and have Tate do his business at home.


Nate, Heather, Spence, and Trey said...

i have no words! ohhhhh man...

Cadovius said...

Jenni, I promised I laughed so hard Erick wanted to know what was so funny!!! That is definitely something that would happen to me.

Kara said...

Oh, the joys of parenting. We've all been there! I promise! That's why we laugh WITH you!

thecrowls said...

I read this yesterday afternoon and pretty much have been laughing since. Probably not something that was super hilarious at the time, but sure is funny now!

Christine said...

Oh Jenni!!! Wow!! Well, I suppose it could be worse, he could have let loose on their couch...I!! That is something you will have to make sure you remind him of when he gets older!

Anonymous said...

You know hon, you forgot to mention that it was me that had to get the plunger and the mop and the towels to clean all that up.