Friday, January 22, 2010


This is Stanley.
He's 15.  His birthday is coming up in a couple weeks
(February 3rd).
We miss him.  I think we talk about him every day. 
We really love this kid.
He speaks English, and LOVES chicken.
Because he speaks English, Mark gets along really well with him. 
Stanley is also great with the boys.  He really loves them and treats them like his brothers.
He has a huge heart.
And a very active mind.  He's super smart.
And very loveable.
But, he's not the Champion at Jenga.  I am :)

This picture was taken at church.  Stanley is one of the few kids at Casa Bernabe who can hold either of the boys and they will fall asleep.  They feel completely safe and comfortable with him.  I trust Stanley enough to let him walk around church with my boys even if I'm not there-and that's saying a lot.  The church is big and full of people that I don't know.  He said to me one Sunday when I didn't see Tate,

"Mama, you know that we Posada guys will always take care of our babies."

Yes, I do know that.  And yes, you Posada guys always do.

Stanley also likes to wrestle.

So he picks on Mark


Gosh, I love that kid. 


Kara said...

Feliz Cumpleanos a Stanley!

I can see his gentle spirit sparkling in the photos. Give him a big hug and my love when next you meet.