Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Whiny Post

I need a mental health day.

Usually this happens about 2-3 a drill weekend.  I can keep it together for a couple of days and then it falls apart.  It seems like God knew what he was talking about when he did the whole Sabbath thing.

Really I would just like to have Gus back.  Then the trapped-at-home-without-any-way-to-escape feeling would probably be gone.  He was supposed to be back before the first of the year.  My days are all running together at this point, but I'd venture a guess that it's somewhere in the 10/11/12 of the month and still no Gus. 

Theo isn't feeling well and is very crabby (whiny).  Tate has started a new thing where he starts whining-crying whenever anyone else is.  And there are weed-whackers or chainsaws (I will go ahead and guess that they are the former because we live in suburbia) going a few houses down and they just add to the noise I associate with whining.

And, since I can't seem to beat them, I think I'll join them.