Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Craft Goal

I decided to scrap my juvinile project.  Not sure if I said that earlier or not, but it's now official.  The idea was to make a flower scarf along the lines of this but without the chains, just all flowers and leaves.  Well, since I hate doing applique work, it was a bust.  But, since I do have a bunch of flowers already made, I've decided to put them to use. (And if I already said all that in the last post, I apologize.)  So, here is:

Project # 6:
Another hat, similar to the last one.
Crocheted.  Started and finished within  two hours.

I may endure the wrath of the LT tonight after he sees that I posted a picture of his son in a flowered hat, but I know he'll forgive me.

And I'll go ahead and ask for Tate's forgiveness tonight so that if he ever sees this when he gets older I'll be able to tell him that he can't get mad, he's already forgiven me.

Yes, that's how we roll. 

Sorry I didn't edit the pictures all pretty, I'm fighting some sort of cold and just didn't feel like spending the time on it. 

Peace and Love,


Cadovius said...

YOu need to open an Etsy shop and start selling these. This one is super cute!!!!

kayla j said...

i want those for the studio..can you make me some and I'll pay you? please..they are so cute!!! can you maybe also do on with bear ears? have you seen those. call me!!