Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bullet Points

Because they're easier than a real post!

  • Tate told me that God lives in his heart last week.  It melted my heart.
  • Theo is cutting another tooth.  He has a rough time teething.  We both have a rough time when he teeths.
  • I've been working on running.  It's more of a mental battle for me than a physical one.
  • Mark told me that the project I'm working on for my 20+10 crafting challenge is "a little bit juvenile".  My immediate thought was "you're a little bit juvenile" but I managed to refrain from actually saying it because that would be a bit, well, juvenile.
  • I love cooking with gas.  It's way quicker than electric.  That said, I've managed to severely handicap half of my cooking utensils by leaning them up on the side of the pot or pan I'm using. 
  • Mark's working late tonight (he's on swing shift) so I'm getting to know Dr. Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth tonight. 
  • If you have no idea what that means, I'll solve the nerd puzzle for you.  I'm watching the first part of season 2 of Bones.  I really like this show!
  • I finished some more paperwork for the adoption today.  If we can get those files from our old computer, we'll be almost done with paperwork!  We still have a bunch of appointments, but it's going by pretty quickly!
  • The credits are done.  I'm off to the next episode!  Have a great night!