Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm feeling a little cranky this afternoon.

I think it's because my grandparents are moving into a retirement center, and I've kind of avoided thinking about what that means.  I don't really want to admit to myself that they are old enough to live there.  But, since we'll be helping move them I can't really avoid it any longer.  Ahhh, denial, you were wonderful while you lasted.

The boys both have ear infections.  We learned that at their well child check ups today.  They aren't that bad and we don't have any antibiotics for them, but a good decongestant will work wonders.   I really like their doctor and was surprisingly not judged for being nearly 10 months behind on Theo's vaccines.  I'm sorry, not judged by him.  The nurse was pretty snippy about it.  We're not following a protocol or anything, I just prefer delaying vaccines and not having a bunch of shots all at once.  That, and with all of our nomadishness this last year, I just wanted to avoid all the paperwork that goes along with first appoinments. 

But I don't like snippy nurses, and if she says anything next time I may have to growl at her I mean kill her with kindness. 

But I would rather growl.  People don't really know what to do when you growl at them.  It's weird and unexpected and since the doctor already signed the forms today saying that we're good candidates for adoption, it's OK to take my crazy for a spin in the doctor's office...right?

Ugh. [rolling eyes] I promise I'll be nice.

Peace, love and a little bit of cranky,


Rachel V said...

I just discovered the Netti Pot, it worked wonders for me when I was sick a couple weeks ago.