Friday, February 5, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday

I'm officially back down to the lowest I've been, and within a half pound of my goal.  I'm thrilled!  However, I probably could have been at my goal if I'd not eaten ice cream several times this week. 

It was one of those weeks, you know?  It seems like we go for several weeks and everything is great, and then we have a couple of "those" weeks strung together.  I just hope we're near the end of this string.  We have a relaxing weekend planned, and I am hoping that we get to enjoy that without any form of Mark's work interrupting (Navy or otherwise).

So, a great week to celebrate overall, but I need to do better about sugar.  Maybe I won't make those brownies afterall...

Pounds to go: .5
Pounds to dream goal: 6.5

Bring on the sunshine!