Monday, February 8, 2010

Skipper is a Moron

Skipper ran away yesterday. 
Stupid dog. 
 It cost $54 to get him back.
His mug shot is funny, though.
And did you notice the "markings" section? 

What happened is this: Our gate is hard to close, so we thought it was closed...but the moron (I guess he's actually pretty smart to be able to open it but whatever) was able to open it and then he ran a few miles down the road.  He spent the night in the house of a dog lover, and the pound picked him up this morning.  Since he's microchipped they called us immediately and we got to spring him from jail.

So, we are $54 poorer, but still have the dog. 

And, it's a good thing it wasn't Mara that ran away because we'd still have the $54 and I'd have to explain to Tate how doggies sometimes go on "vacation" [that's a Forrest Gump reference for all of you who've known me forever].   Skipper is our favored dog, even though he is a fool.

...on second thought, maybe we're the fools...hmm...