Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adoption Update

  • I went to the doctor today for the paperwork.  I'm the last in the family to go.  Along with the routine appointment, I supplied a urine sample for a drug test, got a TB test and a blood draw for and HIV test.  The forms will be sent in upon the return of said tests.  It should be no later than a week.
  • I was able to retrieve the documents from our first homestudy that were on our old computer.  The screen broke and it was a little bit of work to pull off the documents, but it saved us a ton of time.  For a refresher of what the questions were, click here.  They aren't all the same, but a good number of the questions are.  A huge relief, let me tell you.
  • We got to talk to Teresa and Stanley on the phone on Sunday night!!  It was WONDERFUL and made me so homesick for them.  All of them.  Are you wondering how this was possible?  Well, let me tell/warn you about cell phones in Nicaragua!  When you go, it's best to make sure you can't call out unless you really want to.  I mean REALLY want to.  Either that, or don't let the kids play with your phone.  They are incredibly adept at using phones.  The first trip our phones wouldn't call out (we don't have an international plan) but the kids tried.  A lot.  We just thought they wouldn't because they know it's expensive, but to the kids there, the amount of money we have is so much that they don't see a problem with it.  So, there's a college group in from William & Mary, and Stanley borrowed one of their phones and was able to call us on it.  I'm almost certain that the only reason there was an international plan on the phone was so that the kid could call his there will be a nice surprise on the next phone bill, for sure.  It was so good to hear their voices, though!
We're hoping to have our stuff in to Bethany in the next week!  I'll let you know how that goes.  And, a WEEK from today I'll be leavin' on a jet plane to see my kids!  Can't wait!

Peace and love,