Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've got a lot on my plate these days. 

And I'm pretty happy about it!

On top of being a wife, mom, follower of Christ, daughter, granddaughter, friend, sister, etc. I am also attending one women's English Bible study, one Spanish women's Bible study, one couples bilingual study, Spanish church, English church, playgroup every other Tuesday, trying to start a regular game night with some friends from Mark's work, getting all of our adoption stuff done, and training to run a marathon.

Whew!  I'm tired just writing it all down.

I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed by all of that stuff lately.  As I've been praying about it, I remembered my swim coach's wise words from several years ago.  He said "Jenni, if you ever want to be excellent at swimming you're going to have to cut something out of your schedule."  I responded with indignance.  "I'm not doing anything bad...youth group, church, classes, choir..." 

I will never forget his response.

"Jenni, I'm not worried about you doing anything bad.  Bad things rarely get in the way of excellence.  But good things do.  Sometimes you have to give up good things to achieve excellence in other areas."

In honor of my coaches wise words, I've decided to give up something good for the next few months. 

Normally I'm a huge bargain shopper.  I don't like to pay for toiletries.  But I need a break.  I need to focus my energy on other things and the energy I spend on this just isn't worth it.  At least until my marathon.  Once that's over I'm sure I'll go back to being the crazy bargain hunter I am, but for now I just need a sabbath from couponing. 

It's so freeing just writing this!! 

I feel 10 lbs lighter! 
(If only it was that easy, right?!!)

In relentless pursuit of excellence,


Miriam Porter said...

Well I am happy to hear that you aren't cutting out the marathon! I am super excited. We need to sign up soon!