Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Theo!

Happy Birthday Love!

I can't believe you're already one!!

You have no interest in walking, preferring to crawl everywhere.  It's quicker, you know.

When you crawl you look like a little bulldog, hands facing each other.  It's stinkin' cute!

You headbutt my face when you want kisses.  It hurts, but I love it.  LOVE it.  And you do it over and over again, smiling.  It warms my heart.

You talk. And talk.  And talk talk talk talk. 

Your favorite toy is your brother.

You prefer people to things.

You are nearly always happy.

Except when you aren't.  (But that's not very often).

You are a joy. 
 You fill our lives with laughter and love. 
We are so blessed to have you, my son. 

We love you!

Mom and Dad


Britney said...

A year already?!?! WoW! seems just like yesterday that I met you both at the Baskin & Robbins and he was SO tiny! Congrats!!!