Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Stuff

  • I've got 3 or 4 new craft projects to post, I just have to get around to it.  You know how that is, right?
  • I've got a bruise on my nose from Theo.  He decided to crash his cars on my face...more specifically my nose.  And it hurt.  A lot.  And now it's an ugly purple color.  Good thing for cover up.   Who am I kidding?  I'm lucky to shower.  Thank goodness I only go to the gym. 
  • Remember that bus??  Tate was right.  It was there.  We had no sooner pulled up to the Posada when the boys came running out, bus in hand, yelling "Tate!  Your bus is here!!  We saved it for you!"  So sweet, and so strange that Tate remembered.  I didn't even recognize the bus.
  • Mark's got a man cold again.  Not sure what that is?  Go here.  Your life will be changed.  I promise.
  • White wine doesn't mix well with lentil-bean curry.  I've found it's best to wait to have wine until after you've finished dinner. 
  • Last week Tate was oinking at everything.  We put the kai-bosh on that and now he's quacking.  I still don't love it but it's tons better than oinking.
  • We should have Gus back next week.  He's painted and GORGEOUS!!  I'm in love.
OK, that's it for now!

Peace and love,