Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project # 13

Project # 13:

                                    Three Crocheted Hats

Teresa Hat

Ski Cap
(Fits anywhere from about a year to my size head!)

Ski Cap and Booties (about 4-15 mos size)

Sorry about the picture that's sideways.  I tried to get it right, reuploaded it and all, but it just doesn't want to cooperate and I'm not in the mood to fuss anymore.  (If you've got great recognition skills, you can see the movie Young Victoria by the couch.  Great flick!!)

I've decided to rename some of my hats.  I'm naming them for the girls.  Since all of the sales I make go directly toward the adoption, I felt like it was appropriate.  I'll share the Maricela tomorrow and the Ana later on. 

As far as these three being a group, here's my reasoning.  I made the bottom set first because the purple brought out some purple in the grey yarn that I thought was pretty.  Then I thought that I'd make a Teresa hat with the purple and used all that up.  I had just enough of the grey homespun left to make a ski cap and line it with a little green end.  So I got three hats out of two ends!  I have to admit, I'm pretty thrilled to be using up stash.  It's starting to show!!

Ok, 13 down, 17 to go!!


Kara said...

Whoot! I love the purple Teresa hat! (Might be a little bit prejudiced, though... purple is my favorite color.)