Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tate Quote

Setting: 3:30 am, my bedroom. 

Tate: (crying) MOM!  I had a bad dream!
Me: Oh no!  I'm sorry buddy!  Can you tell me about it?
Tate:  Yes.  It was blue. 


We're I'm planning a garage sale!  My first ever!  It's been so nice to clean out clutter.  And I'm finally getting rid of baby clothes.  Yes, it's official.  We're done with pregnancy.  It's actually been official for a year now, but I'm just now getting rid of clothes.  It's time. 

Also, could you keep praying for our house to sell?  We're kind of discouraged, but we know God's got it taken care of.  In my Beth Moore study this week she said something to the tune of "God can turn the tables for you.  He loves doing it.  But in order for him to turn the tables in your favor, first the tables have to be set against you."  That really hit home with me.  With the adoption stuff, house stuff, all of it-the tables are set against us, but God in his mighty power and perfect timing will turn them around.  We just have to sit tight for a while and let him do his thang, ya know?

Time to call it a night.

Peace and love,


momofmany said...

I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! I too have a large family for today's standards. You have many inspirational thoughts and just know that they help others.

I hope your house will sell.

I saw that we had some similar interests and wanted to introduce myself to you :)

Maybe you will stop by my blog sometime and visit. It is about mommy things really. I am talking a lot about pregnancy right now, but will move on to other topics for those that already have children. Just in case you are interested, my URL is:

Cadovius said...

I love reading your posts, hun. I love you, too!!