Saturday, May 15, 2010

18 miles of hills

My wonderful marathon partner and I ran 18 miles today.

Uphill most of the way.

We didn't realize the trail was kind of hilly completely without flat parts except for when you cross the road.

I'm not even joking.

We did pretty well, though.  We were more than pleased with how well things went considering.  And got some good hill training in. 

The saddest part of the day was when I lost my sunglasses.  They were a gift from my mom and I've had them for more than three years-a lifetime for sunglasses in the Stearns' house.  Anyway, I tripped over a root or rock, started to fall forward until my unsuspecting but very stable partner blocked my fall.  (God bless you, Miriam.)  I was pretty shaken up and didn't realize that my glasses (that had been happily perched on my collar) were missing. 

Me and my sunglasses when we were still together.  Although we were bummed about a Mariner's loss.  We weathered a lot of storms together.  We were very close. 

RIP, Sweet [free] Maui Jims.  I'll miss you. 


Just to cheer you up while you mourn the loss of my glasses:


Tate: Mom, where was my daddy tonight?

Me:  Daddy was at a meeting with your friend Joshua's daddy.  Do you remember Joshua?  Do you remember what he looks like [Tate's only met Joshua a few times].

Tate:  [exasperated] Mom, yes.  He is not a dinosaur. 


Britney said...

one of my favorite tate quotes. and i feel you about the loss of your glasses. ; )

Miriam Porter said...

It is sad that you lost your glasses and I was happy to be there to break your fall. My legs are finally returning to normal!!!