Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Craft Project: HALF WAY!!

Project #15:

 (AKA Shawl/Rug, according to Mark)


I have had this yarn since before Mark and I got married.  My mother in law (bless you, Vicki) gave it to me.  I knew there was a bunch but I never sure what to make with it.  I knew I could do little projects like hats and stuff (and I did several of those with it) but I never knew how to use the bulk of it.

Until I found this shrug pattern.  It was super easy and fairly quick.  From cast on to burying ends was about a week.  The yarn is super soft and cozy and I loved wearing it!  I very rarely make things other than hats, scarves, booties and blankets, so this was a huge leap outside of my comfort zone and I'm glad I made it!  I'm considering looking for a pin or broach to serve as a button, but I'm still undecided on that. 

I'm so excited to have this to wear this fall.  It's always necessary to layer in the fall and spring here,so this will be a great addition to my wardrobe.  Thanks, Vicki, for providing the yarn all those years ago!  I hope you like what I did with it.



Cadovius said...

Okay, first of all, YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! That color combo looks fantastic on you. Secondly, you MUST sell these on Etsy!!! I would totally buy one (if it were cold here). Figure out how much they would cost you to make and factor in your time. You could really do well selling the cutie stuff you make and put all that towards the adoption process. :-) or whatever..I'm just saying you stuff is pretty enough to sell....definitely!
love and miss you girl

Christine said...

It's almost as fantastic as you...and that's saying a whole lot=) I need to come for a visit so you can teach me how to knit oh crafting guru!