Monday, May 17, 2010

Heaven: Like a Big Graduation Party

Yesterday we went to a graduation party.   I love graduation parties.  They are so laid back, cheerful, many good things.  What I love the most, though, is that the work is done.  Behind you.  Finished.  You can relax and bask in a job well done, reminisce about memories made, and appreciate the people that helped you get there. 

I think Heaven will be a lot like that.  We'll be relaxing with friends, thankful that the work is done.  We'll have made it.  We won't have to worry about what bad news might be coming...that life will be done and over with.  We'll be able to thank those people that made our lives worth living, that encouraged and helped us, and most of all we'll be singing praises of the God who loves us and made us in his image! 

So, let me lift my imaginary glass and give a quick toast.  To Heaven's big graduation party.  I can't wait to see you all there!

I'm sure most people would say that Heaven is going to be more like a wedding reception, but for me, a graduation party is a better fit...who wants to think about wearing uncomfortable wedding shoes in heaven?


Christine said...

no pain though!! Bring on the stilettos=)

Jenni Stearns said...

You're so right!! I wonder if I get to be as tall as you in heaven?!?!?

Christine said...

Haha, I was wonding if I would get to be shorter- maybe we all get heaven vision filters, so we all see our own version of it;)