Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last Week (ack!) Roundup

Or, an alternative title could be,

"The reason Jenni hasn't blogged the last week is because Theo learned to climb"


"Hey Mom!  Look What I Can Do!"

or lastly,

"Why Theo Wears a Helmet All Day"

Yes friends, it's true.  Theo can climb.  Imagine my suprise and joy when I walked into the dining room to find Theo like this:

ummm...yeah.  I almost peed my pants I was so freaked out. 

 (For the record he was sitting in the chair but somehow managed to get out).

He's super duper proud of himself.  And his reward for this accomplishment?


Yes, he does get to wear a helmet!  All day if he wants! 

And he's solidly strapped into whatever apparatus he's using at the moment.

(For the record, it was his idea.  Tate wears his all the time so he can go in the back and ride his bike and scooter.  Theo wanted to wear his too and I thought it was a great idea, especially considering his new skill set.)

So, life has entered a new realm.  Theo's a climber.  It's all new to me because Tate never has been.  I should have seen it coming when Theo went all the way up the stairs before he was 8 months old. 

So there you have it folks.


Miriam Porter said...

What a stinking adorable kid! I love his facial expressions he reminds me of a certain...well YOU!!!

Britney said...

This is SO hilarious!

Shara said...

mine climbs too...
p.s. don't put bananas on top the fridge

Kara said...

I shouldn't laugh, but...


I've been trying to keep Pete "down" since he learned to crawl!! Off the bookcases, off the back of the couch, out of the trees, off the roof... The list is 13 years long at this point.

Welcome to the club!!

Christine said...

I love that he'll wear the helmet! For future reference, take all hardware off the front of cabinets, spray pam on them so he can't get a toe grip=) Good luck!