Tuesday, May 11, 2010

...not so much...

I love planning and thinking about running a marathon.

Actually training to run the marathon?  Not so much.

I love having children.  Love love love it.
Getting up in the middle of the night for said children?  Not so much.

I love having friends all over the world. 
Not getting to see those friends nearly often enough?  Not so much.

I love having a full refrigerator.
Actually going grocery shopping?  Not so much.

I love knitting and crocheting.  Or any creating, really.
But burying the ends?  The finish work?  Not so much.

I love having an empty laundry hamper.
Doing laundry?  I hate it.

This week I am being blessed with the opportunity to do things I'd rather not do in order to accomplish or enjoy things I do love.   I'm trying to stay positive.  I'm just tired.  I'm so ready for the weekend and it's not even Wednesday yet.

Then again, I skip watching Prison Break at night and get to bed a little earlier, that might help my attitude a bit...

Peace and love,