Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Biggest Owie for the Littlest Stearns

Post-Owie snuggle

Theo got hurt today.


It was the most blood I have ever seen come out of one of my children.  It was terrifying and heart breaking.

He was playing on a chair (a kiddie chair, not a regular sized jobbie) and it fell over and he hit his nose.  He may have broken it, but I doubt it.  It bled for a few minutes then stopped.  He's also got a nice fat lip to show for his adventure.

He snuggled with me for about 10 minutes, then got down and started running (yes, running!) to the stairs.  I about had another heart attack.

I have a feeling that the littlest Stearns (who won't be the littlest for long) is going to have more trips to the ER/Urgent Care than any of the other littles.


thecrowls said...

Poor Theo. What is this about not being the littlest for long??