Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feeling Accomplished

I was down a child today.  Tate went to play with his grandma and the greats.

That means that Theo and I got in some good bonding time, and I was able to be a little more productive than normal.

My greatest accomplishment of the day? 

Washing Theo's blanket.

Seriously.  It was filthy.  I've tried to snag it from him multiple times and he's managed to foil my plan each and every time.  But today I was able to finagle the nasty blanket from him using bribery [in the form of cheese, of course].

The blanket made it through the wash fine, but when it came time to switch over the laundry I made the mistake of letting Theo "help" me.  He saw his blanket go into the dryer and after I shut the door and started the dryer he began to pound on the door while yelling [presumably at me].  I was able to stop the yelling and pounding long enough to warrant taking the blanket out of the dryer and giving it to him before the cycle was over.

Thank goodness fleece dries quickly!

For pictures of my beloved urchin and his formerly nasty blanket, see the pictures posted below.

Peace and love,