Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Favorite Things, Marathoner Edition

Just to drag out my triumph over the marathon a little longer, I thought I'd do a post on my fav running gear.  Before I get too far though, let me say, I am NOT one that buys all the good gear.  I hem and haw about it and only buy it if it's necessary.  I don't (and probably never will) look like a real runner.  I don't have all the cool gear and you all know I don't have the body.  I'm OK with that.  But, I have beat the marathon, and as a member in the marathon "crew" I thought I'd share some of what I believe is essential.

Good shoes!
Good shoes are a must.  If you don't have shoes that fit well you're going to hurt yourself.  Guaranteed.  I went to the Portland Running Company because they are close to my house and good at what they do.  I had two people measuring my feet, bringing out shoes for me to try, lacing them up the right way and watching me run on their track to make sure the shoes were correcting my "issues".  What are my issues?  Turns out that I like to run on the outsides of my feet which means I need a shoe with support in certain places.  They offered me 4 different shoes in every price range and I went with an ASICS shoe that fit the best and felt most comfortable.  My knee problems were much better after switching shoes, which leads me to believe these people know what they are talking about. 

Seamless Socks!
I bought a pair of expensive socks ($9 a pair!) and I wore them anytime I ran over 9 miles.  I also got the socks at Portland Running Company.  

Miriam (my running pal) gets her socks at the Fred Meyer half price sock sale every Friday after Thanksgiving.  She loves the Adidas ones, so if you have that option close I'd try it out.

Body Glide.
I didn't need this until we ran 20 miles.  Then I needed it.  Badly.  I've found from several people that the bicep area tends to chafe on the seam of your shirt after 20 or so miles, and this was certainly the case for me.  I bought it for the marathon and it helped.  I think it would have been better if I had reapplied it after mile 10 or so, and learn.  I cannot say enough good stuff about this product!  It's pretty cheap, but so worth what you pay for it!

GU.  Vanilla Bean flavor (or lime if you're desperate).

I have tried a lot of different energy shots, and this is the best bar none.  There are several flavors available, but I have found this one and lime to be the least offensive.  Without getting into too much disgusting detail, I
will just say **try other brands at your own risk**  I had some major stomach issues with the other brands (particularly PowerBar) so I now stick to what works. 

An Awesome Partner
if you want to read more about how I feel about that, go here.  And you'll have to find your own because I'm not giving up mine.

A Positive Attitude!
Honestly, there are going to be days that suck...and I don't just mean suck, I mean suuuuuuck.  If you don't have a reasonably positive attitude you'll never accomplish your goals.  Now, I'm not advocating being unreasonably happy because no one likes that either.  Just be true to yourself.  Only allow positive thoughts to live inside your head and only positive words to come out of your mouth.  After a few weeks of training your brain to be positive and encouraging, you'll be amazed at how much easier it has become!

And last but certainly not least...

A SUPER DUPER TROOPER of a husband! (or wife).

The bottom line is that your significant other is going to be a marathon/running widower (or widow) until the race.  They will be picking up the slack on those mornings that you wake up and find that you can't safely make it up or down the stairs while carrying a child.  They will be the one massaging your aching feet and back.  They will be cleaning up after you and cheering for you.  It's an exhausting process.  They bear the brunt of it.  And you get all the glory.  So make sure your man/lady is on board before you dive in.

Happy Running!!


Cadovius said...

GREAT post and I totally agree about the shoes ( I learned the hard way that I need men's Aasics in a 9.5 (yes I have LARGE feet) and I can ONLY have the gentle vanilla power shots because of my tummy, too. I also put vaseline on my toes anytime I run over 10 miles to avoid any blisters. I never get a blister anymore. I loved reading all of your suggestions!

Miriam Porter said...

I like this post Jenni, you are super cute. I am glad you are still thinking about running. I know I am going to keep going, we will see if I do another Full but I will for sure do more halfs. I love you.