Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was looking at these pictures with the boys last week.  Theo just pointed to all of them and said, "bebe" (which means "baby" in Spanish...shocking, I know) while Tate was asking more in depth questions.

Tate: "Mom, is that baby Theo in your tummy?"
Me:  "Yes, it is."
Tate: [eyes huge]  "Mom, did you EAT him?"
Me:  "No Buddy, I did not eat him."
Tate:  "Mom, did you have a tummy ache?"
Me:  "Yes, sometimes I did."
Tate:  "Mom, did you have to have a BIG POOP?"
Me:  "Umm...kinda..."

The kicker is that a couple of days later he told our friends (while I was out of the room) that I had a big tummy ache and had to have a big poop.  Mortifying.  And not chronologically true, but true in his mind. 

Oh, for the love of three year olds.

And soon we'll beginning Theo quotes.  Right now all we have is this:

Theo: NO. No. no. NO NO NO!

Here's hoping for some variety soon!