Thursday, July 1, 2010

That's what (s)he said

Do youself a favor.  Get a cuppa whatever it is you drink (I'm thinking coffee but if wine/beer whatever is your think, you'll find no judgement here) and sit down, relax and read these articles.  They are the best I've come across in a couple weeks and I really think you'll like them.

First up, Nathan at the Marin Foundation makes ammends with the GLBT community at PRIDE 2010.  Here's what he did and the response he got.  It's inspiring.

Christine chats with us about stuff and things.  And getting over yourself, and all that good stuff.  Also very encouraging.

And in case you get a little upset with yourself after reading Christine's post, or if you've gone too far the other way, read Kristin's post here and you'll feel better.

Did you find anything worth passing along this week?


Britney said...

I love that first article. very inspiring.