Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wassup Nicaragua edition

**I wrote this yesterday, so we are back in Veracruz now**

-Theo and Tate have been sucking it up in the sleep department.  Until last night, when they both slept all night long!  Granted, Tate fell asleep on the couch (he doesn't like going to sleep by himself which we're working on) but they both slept until past 7.  A huge accomplishment, I assure you. 

-There was a huge rainstorm here (Puerto Cabezas) last night.  At 5:30 this morning I heard the loudest thunder I have ever heard.  It rattled me to the bones and I jumped out of bed, awake from a deep sleep.  Somehow the boys managed to sleep through it.  

-A lot of the houses were flooded this morning…but they build their houses up on sticks so the actual house wasn't flooded, just the ground below the actual house.  There's usually a 7-15 foot gap between the ground and the house. 

-My suitcase zipper bit the dust this morning as I was packing.  It's lived a nice long life accompanying me on many journeys including China, Honduras, Mexico for our honeymoon, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua (several times) and Panama.  I'm sad to see it go.  It lived a long life (10 years!  I got the luggage for my 16th birthday) so I know it's in suitcase heaven.  Since it bit the dust in Nicaragua, I'm confident that it's going to live a second life as something awesome.  I mean, haven't I shown you the school buses?  

-The weather has been much cooler here lately so it's been a nice change for us.  I'm not sure how the weather is in Managua so I dressed for the heat.  Today I was even contemplating not taking a shower because I knew the water is cold.  However, I decided that I'd rather be cold than dirty (shocking, since according to my husband I don't bathe much-but that's kind of a long story). 

-I really enjoyed my time here in Port with my friends.  I feel rejuvenated a bit from my exhausting trip down here, and I'm ready to pour into my kids at Casa again.  It's like going home. 

-I have no idea what's going on at home.  I haven't watched the news and to be honest, I really don't miss it.  As much as I value knowing what's up at home, I really don't miss dreading bad news and waiting to hear how every little thing is going to be politicized.  I would say that the majority of people here are working to live or somehow better their situation, and don't spend the time or energy worrying about every little political thing happening.  It's refreshing.  As much as I like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, it's nice not looking at everything through political eyes. Even things such as the oil spill, why is that so political?  It's a national and environmental disaster, we don't have time to worry about the political ramifications of what happened, we just need to spend our time and energy fixing the problem (OK, now I'm stepping off my soapbox). 

-I ate lobster for dinner one night here.  It was amazing.  I have nothing more to say about that. 

-I haven't taken any pictures of the airport here (the national one, not the international one) but it's pretty po-dunk.  We take a microbus through gullies and trenches out to the runway once the plane lands.  It's a fairly efficient operation considering the conditions, but still not what we're used to.  

-One of my favorite things about Port is that there are caged/screened in porches.  The kids can run around and I don't have to get up and get them.  It's like a big cage. 

-My parents come a week from tomorrow!  I'm excited to see them and I know the boys will be thrilled. 

-Mark leaves for Korea on Wednesday and I'm ready for him to go get this show on the road.  He's been working like a maniac and I'm ready to get the ball really rolling so we can experience this and be together again.