Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Enough Already

In the three or so weeks we've been here...

-Theo had a 24 hour bug
-I got the 24 hour bug
-Tate got it after me
-Mark got the 24 hour bug his last 8 hours here (bummer on the plane!)
-Theo had a bout with external parasites (LICE!)
-Theo and Tate got haircuts.

-Theo got a cough
-Theo cut four molars
-Theo began running a fever
-Theo had an ER visit
-Theo got a mouth infection (like cold sores or something)
-Theo shared his cold with me, I now have a scratchy throat and cough
-Tate now has ringworm.

Would you believe we've never been sick here before?  I guess we're just making up for lost time.

Please, Lord, have mercy and let us heal soon.


Christine said...

Hang in there Jenni! Praying for quick recoveries for all of you and that nothing else pops up. Hugs!!