Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Pics

Mark is in Korea.  He made it last night (after a brief hiccup with a misplaced passport) and is tired but there.  Here are some pictures of his visit and also of my dad meeting the girls for the first time.  The girls are warming up, although Ana was concerned about already having grandparents.  Once we explained that grandparents are there to just love and how I have two grandmas and when Mark and I got married I had another one, she seemed to relax a bit.  Since their grandmother is the only one who has ever gone to bat for them, I understand her concern.  

Anyway, here are the money shots...

Tere and me

The kids (minus Ana who was on my lap)

Mark and Ana

Mark, Tere and Maricela

Dad, me and Maricela

Things are going very well.  We are blessed beyond words.  Hopefully this week I'll know more about the adoption and I may be meeting the girls' grandma today...I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for your prayers!

Peace and love, 


Heather Carl said...

praying, praying, and praying some more! i'm looking at flights for christmas now. :)

Anonymous said...

Tell Ana and the girls that Papa Stearns cannot wait until he has all the wiggly granddaughters in his arms!

Love only grows bigger the more Love you give away -- and your heart grows bigger as well.

Love, Papa

Kara said...

We love you, Girls! And we can't wait for you to be Home!