Monday, August 23, 2010

Picture post

Nicaraguan Nap Time.  Or post nap time (AKA Purgatory). The boys were woken up prematurely by thunder and climbed into the twin bed with me.  It was cozy. 

Tate and his birthday cake made by Juan (not pictured).  Asner helped him eat it, Jesse did him the favor of putting some frosting on his face.  He didn't mind...

A little overwhelmed, but posing for a picture anyway. 

Pura Nica.  We don't have plates so we have cake by holding it in our hands.  Just so you don't think I had two, I was holding Stanley's piece while he took the picture. 

When it rains really hard the water comes in through the top of the Posada.  The boys slide around on the floor and get soaking wet.  It's pretty fun.  Sort of dangerous, but mostly fun. 

It rained (and poured) all day yesterday.  I almost felt like I was at home. 

Miss you all, friends.  

Peace and love, 


Kara said...

Happy Birthday, Tate!!