Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Projects 19 & 20

Craft Project #19
Recycled Tee

I've been tired of the little crochet projects that I've been doing, so I decided to try something new.  I took an old white, stained extra large tee shirt of Mark's and cut it up, dyed it, put it back together and crocheted the top part of it.  I'm fairly happy with how it turned out...I'm going to keep working to perfect it, but for a prototype it turned out pretty well.  

I used a ball and a half of yarn from my stash. 

Craft Project #20
(Another 3) hats

There are two red hats and one purple/white hat.  There are booties matching the red hat as well.  I finished up the other ball of rainbow yarn, and used up the red ball of yarn!

Projects completed: 20
Projects left: 10

Stash update:  My yarn stash is very thinned.  I also donated a bunch of my yarn to Nicaragua (more on that later) and so I'm down to odds and ends.  Somewhat fun, but also somewhat annoying because I don't have a lot of options for big projects.  For the time being, I plan to use it all up little by little.  Plus, I still have two stockings to make before Christmas because we are heading down there to spend Christmas with the girls!

As far as the adoption goes, here's the skinny:

It doesn't matter if the girls' mother signs the paper or not.  There are no birth certificates for the girls and they have never lived with their mother.  Once finding this out, the lawyer decided that we'll go ahead and start the abandonment process because it's unlikely that a letter would hold up in front of a judge.  The argument would be that we could pay anyone to say they are the mother and sign them over.  I don't think DNA tests are used there for this purpose.  

The bad news is that this part of the process may take longer.  The good news is that since there are no birth certs, we won't have to have them changed, but rather just have them issued which is quicker than having them altered. 

So, there you have it! 

Peace and love, 


Kara said...

I love the Crochet Recycled Tee! Awesome!

Huzzah for answered prayers! One step closer. I'm gonna go a little Texan here and say - All Y'all are in our prayers!

We love you!

Miriam Porter said...

I really like your crochet tank top that is very cool. And super in style right now. I miss you friend.