Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lameness Quota Reached

Sorry guys, I know I've been bad about posting.  Totally lame.  But now that I've reached my lameness quota for the month I plan on doing better.

We're in the gorgeous Philippine Islands!  It's the Thanksgiving holiday in Korea and everything was shut down, so we googled the cheapest flight and here we are! 

Well, to be fair the cheapest flight was to Taipei, but since there was a typhoon right over Taipei, we thought that it'd be best to avoid that.  So for $100 more, here we are.

Yesterday we went to the Underground River...AMAZING!!  It's a must do if you're here.  The boys had a blast.  [Although to be fair, they had a blast sitting under our lunch tables playing with their monster trucks in the sand.  They are easily entertained.]

Today we're beach bound after Theo's nap.  Until then we're just enjoying a lazy day in the sun!

Peace and love and lame,