Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More moving fun...

I'm here, in our own "remodeled"apartment at last. 

After yesterday's post, Mark decided to call the office and see how things were going and when we would be able to move back into our room.  Here's the side of the conversation that I heard. 

Hello.  Do you speak English?  Yes?  OK, I like in 1803 and we're currently in room 1506 for the remodel. 

[he didn't say this, but let me just introject here...IT'S NOT A REMODEL!  IT'S A FREAKING REWALL PAPER! Now, back to the story] 

Yes, well, I was just wondering when it's going to be ready for us to move back in.  [pause] you mean it's already done?  It's been done?  We can move in whenever?  Great.  Thanks for letting us know.  

So we are now back in our room.  And it's delightfully nice.  The walls have stripped white and glitter wall paper.  There are two new light fixtures, to be fair.  And the floor was redone in the bedrooms and polished so I guess it was more than wallpaper, but it was not an entire remodel.  I'd say it was more of a facelift. 

Now here's the scene that played out today at around 1:00, a mere 10 minutes after a phone call from the office asking if they could immediately send up a cleaning crew to deep clean my bathroom.  I said no, due to the fact that my kids were finally sleeping and would be until 3:00.  They offered to come by at 3:30.  We made a date. 

At 1:10 my doorbell rang and it was the office guy (seriously?) and he had a handyman there who wanted to take the light fixtures down (I have no idea why).  Of course I let them in.  They went straight toward the kids' room. 

I ran over to the door and said, "Oh, the light in there?  I'm sorry, but the boys are sleeping."  [Accompanying this were my awesome hand gestures in case there was some language misinterpretation.  I needed them to understand that the boys were sleeping.] 

They looked at each other and I could see them shrugging, like, " big deal.  They can go back to sleep."

At this point I physically stepped in front of the door, effectively barricading it.  

I repeated, louder and slower (because that's what you do when someone doesn't speak your language, right?) "I'm sorry.  The boys are asleep.  You'll have to do their room later."

I could see them contemplating moving me to get the job done...all 100 pounds of them.  I was shocked that they would consider it.  Two 100 pound smokers verses me?  BRING IT ON!  I've got everything to lose.  If the boys woke up, my peaceful afternoon and evening would die.  

I think they saw the fight in my eyes and wisely promised they'd return after 3:30.

And, wonderfully, the boys slept until 3:00, thanks to my intervention.   


What we are all about said...

You Go Mamma Bear!!! If only everyone understood the importance of afternoon naps :)

Kara said...

You go, Momma! Do NOT mess with mothers when the toddlers are sleeping. It's just not done.