Sunday, September 26, 2010

Obligatory Post Vacation Pictures

I feel somewhat obligated to share what we've been up to lately. 

We went on vacation.  I know you think we vacation often, but this was the first one in over a year and a half that was a vacation type vacation.  It was wonderful.  

We went to Puerto Princesa, Philippines.  It was beautiful, relaxing, fun and tasty, all things a good vacation should be.  And I have pictures to prove it.

 Here we are on the airplane, pretending we don't have two out of control little boys. 

Said boys wrestling in the taxi.

Theo asleep on the chairs at the airport.  He only slept for about 45 minutes, but it was wonderful. 

We ate Crocodile.  And Goat. 

And rode tricycle taxis (this was the highlight of Tate's vacation)

And we went to the Underground River

And tried our hands at snorkeling

And ate CRAB!

 And rode more taxis. 

We went to church

And found the perfect play dough utensils. 

We had a great time together!

And for those of you keeping track, this was our little luggage hill this time.  Not too shabby!

We had a great trip!  The only things missing were three beautiful girls.  Hopefully our next real family vacation will include them!

Peace and love,